“Our audience are our experts,
we start by listening to them.”


“We widen opportunities for
people to engage in the arts
by making work in familiar places.”


“We reclaim and reimagine the community domain by animating unloved, disused familiar spaces…”


“We encourage empathy in the
retelling of stories, raising the
voices of those we meet.”


“Through shared experience
we create a space for
communities to build networks
and meaningful social ties.”


A murmuration is, by its very nature, a collaborative act.


Murmuration Arts is a participatory arts organisation with over 14 years experience delivering community engagement projects.

We focus on projects which adopt a co-creation approach – we create collaboratively with communities.

We connect with and build community through street theatre, site-responsive performance, participatory dance, music, reminiscence sessions, intergenerational workshops, cooking together, sharing stories, oral history projects and craft activities… and we love playing games!


Elevated over a lake in a spectacular illuminated nightgown, The Mother’s Voice  is hushing, lulling children with sublime lullabies as they drift in and out of sleep. We feel she has been here forever, her nightgown representing the passing of time. Voices of local parents fill the trees, shining a spotlight on the often unheard stories of early parenthood.
Nightlight Lullabies is a universal representation of Motherhood – representing every mother’s voice, linking us through song across the passage of time.
Nightlight Lullabies premiered at Leonardslee Illuminated, 2020 with visitors numbers of 34,400.


Murmuration Arts’ new show The Owl & The Pussycat is available to tour from Spring 2022 as an outdoor street show, walkabout or even in a pea-green boat! Join our fowl and feline pair as they embark on their really rather ridiculous adventures, serenading you with nonsense! Based on Edward Lear’s poem, with originally composed music.

Commissioned by Enchanted Leonardslee, with funding from Arts Council England.

Murmuration Social Distancing Club

Marion, Matthew and Laura host the Murmuration Social Distancing Club –  sip a cup of tea, enjoy a slice of cake and we’ll play a few tunes to get you moving.

Matthew and Marion will choose a few of their favourite jazz tracks & teach a few simple steps, put the kettle on and we’ll all dance together. Featuring live music – a little ditty or two – from Laura and her miniature piano and guest dance slots from around the country.

Funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund, has helped us to light up your silver screens with music, dance and singing. Thanks to the Government for making this possible.



We are passionate about widening opportunities for people to engage in the arts. Our creative process involves in-depth research with communities, focusing on building & maintaining relationships. Each project we work on aims to create a unique shared experience, connecting communities & giving people a voice & platform on which to tell their stories.

The people we meet are the experts of their lives,

we start by listening to them.

We believe that by instilling a sense of ownership, by increasing confidence, social ties & social cohesion, communities feel a greater investment in their future. By sharing agency and the decision making process Murmuration Arts can empower individuals to develop their own artistic expression. As artists, we in turn seek to learn from the people we work with.  Through social interaction and active participation we aim to improve the health and wellbeing for everyone involved.

Marion Duggan

Artistic Director


Marion is the Artistic Director of Murmuration Arts. She believes that the communities we inhabit, the experiences we are exposed to and opportunities available to us shape and define who we are. Marion facilitates the creation of new  networks to help connect individuals as they transition through  stages of  life. She works with existing communities to widen opportunities for people to engage in the arts. Often her work will involve in-depth research, focusing on building and maintaining relationships.


Matthew Black



Matthew trained as an actor graduating from East 15 Acting School in 2002. Since then he has worked in television, film and theatre. He has held the position of director for The Ragroof Players, performed as part of a comedy dance duo ‘The Gentlemen Friends’ and run theatre and dance workshops in schools, community settings, residential care homes, yoga retreats, fitness expos and for corporate and private events.


Laura Wright



Laura Wright is a producer with over 20 years experience managing theatre projects, live music events, and festivals. She has a background in event management, marketing & audience development, fundraising, programming festival stages, and has worked at theatre, live music venues and festivals since 1999.


Associate Artists

Miranda Mufema

Miranda is an actor, singer and director trained professionally by Windmill Young Actors since 2017. Her credits include Romeo and Juliet, 2019 (Juliet), Macbeth, Pandora and has recently worked on a R&D alongside Kneehigh’s Mike Sheppard.

Faye Houston

Born into a musical family, Faye Houston has been a professional singer, writer and performer for over 20 years. She has travelled throughout the UK and abroad, collaborating with musicians and artists crossing various styles and genres to create expressive,  heartfelt and powerful music.

Cate Ferris

Cate Ferris: A one woman symphony of lush textures, electronic beats and soulful harmonies. Cate is a captivating singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Brighton in the UK. An acclaimed and accomplished singer/songwriter, composer and producer who has also performed and collaborated with a host of talented artists and bands.

China Fish

China Blue Fish is a queer artist, actor, activist, singer and mother committed to shining a light on injustice and elevating imagination through music, comedy and theatre.

Thor McIntyre-Burnie

Thor McIntyre-Burnie is an Artist, Sound Designer and director of transformative public arts company Aswarm. An early pioneer of sound as a medium for public art, Thor’s internationally award-winning work, is largely site-responsive and immersive and as a result most of it happens outside art galleries.

Lucy Bradridge

Lucy Bradridge studied English Literature at The University of Leeds and then Theatre Design at the Central School of Speech and Drama.  Since 1998 her work as a set props and costume designer has been mainly focused on devised comedy arising from a long and fruitful relationship with director Cal McCrystal and the physical clown company Spymonkey.

Will Hood

Will Hood performs as ‘The Pussycat’ with Murmuration Art’s outdoor show ‘The Owl & the Pussycat’, commissioned by Enchanted Leonardslee. Will usually spends his time writing music for film and TV or touring the world with his band @theswingninjas .

Will has performed at Glastonbury festival (UK) Moulin Rouge (Paris) Mandalay (Hamburg) Herräng (Sweden) and the Chill Out Festival (Istanbul). But he has never before performed as a Seafaring Cat…

Lee Payne

My name is Lee Payne and I make music with my feet. My passion for performing art motivates everything I do. I knew I wanted to be a tap dancer since the age of 4.
Today I am a professional performer and creative artist with a wide range of skills and talents. My repertoire includes dancing, choreography, acting, hosting and directing.
Tomorrow… the creative world is my oyster.

“I have always admired the work of Marion and Matthew, they have constantly proved to be exemplary practitioners working with and for communities who are regularly forgotten by the main stream.
They work hard, have strong ethics, a lovely creative energy and I’m very exciting to see how there new company develops.”
Kerry Kyriacos Michael MBE

Artistic Director & Chief Executive of Theatre Royal Stratford East (TRSE) from 2004 to 2017

“Joan Littlewood would have loved this show for many reasons. Firstly, because it is based on interviews with real people…She transferred this way of telling the stories of working class people into the theatre where she added dance and movement in ways British theatre had never seen before. Bridges y Puentes does this too…Joan would have loved the fact that the show is performed in an extremely unlikely place, Stratford Multi-storey Carpark. Joan loved street entertainment interacting with passers-by, so it was a real pleasure to see this show rehearsing on the streets near the theatre.”
Philip Hedley

Artistic Director at Theatre Royal Stratford East (TRSE) from 1979 to 2004 on Bridges y Puentes, directed and produced by Marion for The Ragroof Players. See the full article.

“It is an absolute pleasure working with Matthew and Marion on South East Dance’s The Welcome Project.  The level of commitment and focus that they give to the regular sessions with older adults is outstanding as is the care and attention that they give to each individual who attends.  The sessions are always fun and inclusive, suitable for all abilities and confidences, Matthew’s genuine awareness of the group and individual needs and his ability to respond to these on a week by week basis is incredible and makes for a joyful dancing and social experience for all.  We will be hoping to continue working with both Matthew and Marion again through Murmuration Arts as they bring a unique and very special gift to all their activities and events.”
Emily James-Farley

Creative Communities Manager, South East Dance

“I have worked with Marion for many years and have always been a supporter of her work, particularly her rigor and commitment when it comes to working with participatory practice and the sensitivity and care she has when working to reflect people’s true stories.
Over the last few years particularly I have seen her technique and passion for creating meaningful projects which truly empower the participants and the collaborators involved whilst managing to create theatrical productions which really affect the audience on a deeper level and allow a powerful understanding of other’s experiences.”
Mikey Martins

Artistic Director and Joint Chief Executive Freedom Festival Hull


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Marion Duggan // Artistic Director // Marion@MurmurationArts.co.uk

Matthew Black // Director // Matthew@MurmurationArts.co.uk

Richard Baskott // Finance Director // Finance@MurmurationArts.co.uk

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Images courtesy of The Ragroof Players. Photos by Rosie Powell and Dik Ng