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Wyld Mothers Fire is a unique nature connection concept. We are a community of powerful and conscious mothers, sparking friendship, laughter, collaborations, bravery and love, with nature as our inspiration.
We specialise in creating space for new mothers, mothers-to-be and mothers of all ages to flourish in nature and take some time out to relax and connect.
Come and meet like-minded Wyld Mothers at our mum & baby group held in central Brighton, Whitehawk and Crawley.
More info can be found on our Facebook Group and Instagram.
Wyld Mothers Fire is a space for mothers to sit around a fire, have a chat, connect with other mums and take some time out in nature. We make, read, sing, discuss, laugh, cry, eat and play, or whatever we want/need that day.
Bring your baby and let nature nurture you.