Murmuration Arts are sharing three new pieces of work as part of the Rites of Passage Exhibition at Crawley Museum.

Each item is inspired by a year’s research, meeting parents in Crawley and leading research interviews with them. What you see and hear in the exhibition are selected moments. In June you will be able to see and hear the full interviews in the West Sussex Records office and Screen Archive South East.

The 3 exhibits on display are:

VV Film ‘The Signing Mother’

A Visual Vernacular (VV) film inspired by interviews carried out in Crawley by Martin Glover in British Sign Language. Performed by VV poet Zoë McWhinney. VV is a unique physical theatre technique, with elements of signed poetry and mime, primarily performed by Deaf artists.


A large illuminated crescent moon, you are invited to sit down and hear a unique piece of music, written with local parents in creative writing workshops led by Mercedes Kemp, composed by Julie Macara with an arrangement of vocal harmonies written by Vicky Abbott.


Hunker down and let our local parents wish you sweet dreams with a mesmerising sound installation, designed by Thor McIntyre-Burnie.